Umar Naseer pursues dismissal validity case within DRP: report

Umar Naseer, a Former Deputy Leader of the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) Deputy Leader who was dismissed earlier this month by its disciplinary committee, has filed a case to try and have the decision declared invalid, Haveeru has reported.
Naseer has reportedly filed a case to the DRP’s council as opposed to appealing to its disciplinary committee after he was not sure whether he “would get justice”, the former Deputy Leader told the paper.
“I filed the case in the council because it is the highest element of the party. The council has the authority to declare a committee decision invalid. The charter does not state that the council cannot invalidate a Disciplinary Committee’s decision,” he was reported as having said.
Naseer also reiterated his belief that a DRP Deputy Leader could only be removed by at least a two thirds vote against them by the party’s congress, a requirement he has claimed is outlined in its charter.
Naseer told Minivan News after a visit to Malaysia last week that former party leader and national president, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, had personally backed him in the dismissal dispute.
“Mr Gayoom believes that the dismissal was illegal and he wants the party to abide by its own constitution and still believes that I hold the office,” he claimed.
Naseer added that he was confident that the Maldives’ general election commissioner would in time rule that his dismissal by the party was improper.
“There will be nothing to renegotiate, the position is illegal and I believe this will be supported by the election commission,” he said.
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