Another leaked video shows Nasheed issuing commands

Another video has been leaked, showing former President Mohamed Nasheed angrily addressing the Military at MNDF Headquarters on the day of transfer of power.
The new video shows Nasheed on 7 February, walking around and shouting at the Military. He is seen waving his hand at them and ordering them to “go out”.
“Go and control the crowd. The whole country is in chaos, and you stand there saying command or whatever…”
The video also shows former Foreign Minister Ahmed Naseem, former Defence Minister Thalhath Ibrahim Kaleyfaan, Dhaandhoo MP Mohamed Riyaz, and former Chief of Defence Force Moosa Ali Jaleel. Sun has received confirmation that the 1:44-minute video was taken by a Military officer. The leaked video was made by putting together several video clips.
Thalhath is also heard saying, “Why are you waiting doing nothing? Go and control the crowd…do you want the Military to be humiliated in front of the Police…”
Moosa Ali Jaleel is heard saying, “hurry, hurry, hurry up…”
At the end of the video, former Foreign Minister Ahmed Naseem exits the Headquarters and says, “Please don’t do it this way. You can do this.”
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