Police case against Nasheed for alleged blackmail of President Solih

A case has been filed with Maldives Police Service asking to investigate the Speaker of Parliament and former President Mohamed Nasheed allegedly blackmailing President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.
The case was submitted to Police by the former Deputy Minister at Ministry of Home Affairs Ahmed Saleem (Maaz Saleem).
Nasheed has claimed to have received photographs of President Solih having an extramarital affair with a woman.
Despite being asked to prove his claims, so far, Nasheed has not provided any evidence to back his claims.
In the letter sent by Saleem to the Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed, it noted that it was a crime to have such pictures of such nature. He added that claiming to have these types of images of the leader of the nation was not a small matter.
Hence, he stated that the Police need to ensure Nasheed does not have such images of the President, and appropriate punishments need to be given if his claims prove to be false.
“All of Maldives belives that the Speaker of the Parliament has blackmailed the President.”
Furthermore, Saleem highlighted that blackmailing was a crime, and so the incident needs to be investigated and convey the truth of the matter to the public. He also noted that the legal power lies with the Police to investigate and reveal the truth.
At a time when Nasheed has made such claims, Nasheed’s phone has reportedly been stolen while he was having lunch in a restaurant in the UK.
Deputy Speaker Eva Abdulla alerted the Parliament’s official group via Nasheed’s daughter that his phone was snatched.
Promptly, the number was removed from the group.
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