18 amendments proposed to next year’s budget by the parliament

MDP has proposed 18 amendments to the following year’s state budget. MDP recommended these amendments after the budget was presented to the parliament after it was researched in the budget oversight committee.
While presenting the budget to the parliament floor, the leader of the budget oversight committee, Ahmed Nihaan said that they included 13 recommendations by the members of the committee and also included the concerns of independent committees in the budget report. The committee did not bring any changes to the total value of the budget.
The government proposed a budget of 26.7 billion Rufiyaa for the year 2017. While presenting the budget to the parliament, Finance Minister Ahmed Munawwar said that the recurrent expenditure of the budget is 51 percent, which is 11 percent less than this year’s recurrent expenditure. In addition, he said that 49 percent of the budget is capital investments. Minister said that 64 percent of capital expenditures will be spent on PSIP projects and thus projects will be implemented at a record level.
In addition, new measures to increases state revenues were introduced in the budget. Some of these include, taking an airport development charge and leasing lands for businesses.
With all these things, the budget for 2017 looks hopeful.
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