‘Sea Life Global’ housing scam victims protest in Hulhumalé

Scores of people affected by the ‘Sea Life Global’ housing scam took to the streets on Friday demanding a speedier solution to their predicament.
Protestors carried placards that called for ‘justice’ and the arrest of Ahmed Moosa Mohamed, managing director of Sea Life Maldives. The company formed a three-partner venture with two Emirati companies to form Sea Life Global Inc.
Sea Life Global was given a project to develop flats in Hulhumalé, which were booked by a number of individuals who paid thousands of rufiyaa to book a new home.
Protestors on Friday gathered at the site where the flats were to be developed; protestors here spoke to the press to say that most of them acquired funds on credit to make payments for the flats and that ‘scam has affected them greatly’.
Victims of the scam say that they paid MVR 50,000 as ‘booking fees’ for the properties, which cost about MVR 3 million, under the presumption and condition that the amount is refundable.
While a case against the company and the Housing Development Corporation has been filed, managing director Moosa, for whom the Interpol has issued a red notice, said in September of last year that the company has refunded over 100 of the victims.
One buyer told RaajjeMV in August that he had paid MVR 50,000 as a booking fee and a further one million as down payment.
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