Minister Zameer joins protestors in calling for ceasefire in Palestine

Foreign Minister Moosa Zameer joined protestors outside the ministry who were demanding a ban on Israeli passports, and proceeded to call for a ceasefire.
The minister went to the protestors and listened to their concerns and the demands in the petition.
He told protestors that even on Monday he had met with ambassadors from two countries and had called for a ceasefire even in these meetings.
"I have emphasized to them the need for an immediate ceasefire and the urgent need for humanitarian aid," Zameer said.
As Zameer was talking, protestors took up a chant of 'Ceasefire Now!', following which the minister joined in the chant.
"Ceasefire Now is my stand too in this matter," Zameer said.
Parliament's Foreign Relations Committee has previously approved a motion to propose a ban on Israeli passports through a letter to the President. The Foreign Minister, however, stated that he had not received any information regarding this move yet.
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