317 protesters were arrested and 75 were injured in protests, claims MP Mahlouf

Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP)’s MP Ahmed Mahlouf has claimed that 317 protesters have been arrested over the past four days and 75 persons injured, according to daily newspaper Haveeru.
Haveeru reported that Mahlouf said among the persons arrested there were 203 persons whose whereabouts “are now unknown”.
The government has claimed that all but 14 of those arrested have been released, after the court extended their period of detention.
Anni can not digest when other poeple are expressing their feelings in Muzahara. but when he was doing stupid thing we were watching what he was doing. He did lot of stpid things to Maldives, that will effect whole country, not individual. like campaining against Maldives 'Gold Hen", our loved Tourism industry, if the man who loves the poeple of the Maldives never do that, but he did. The aim of his was became the president by killing or blasting the country. Guys, Am I correct?
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