President says a vote to change governance system possible after election

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has expressed his willingness to consider a vote on the proposed change in the system of government following the upcoming presidential election.
In anticipation of the second round of the presidential election, discussions between the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and The Democrats are underway, with the latter advocating for a structured vote before September 25.
Speaking to the media following door to door campaign in Henveiru, President Solih revealed that he had engaged in discussions with the Speaker of Parliament and former President Mohamed Nasheed regarding potential collaboration with The Democrats. The president acknowledged that holding a systematic vote before the presidential election was not feasible. Nonetheless, he conveyed his suggestion that a vote could be conducted post-election. He expressed this was the most practical and reliable approach,
Further, President Solih disclosed that he had submitted a resolution to the Parliament, seeking a vote to transition the system of government to a parliamentary system. He expressed his intention to forward the vote to the Election Commission of Maldives (ECM), specifying a particular date, once approved by the parliament. He also stated a vote could be taken before November 17.
The Democrats secured the third-highest number of votes in the initial round of the presidential election, garnering more than 15,000 votes. Consequently, the president emphasised the potential for a substantial increase in support through a coalition with the party.
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