BML asks customers to remain vigilant against fraud

National bank, Bank of Maldives (BML) has asked its customers to remain vigilant to prevent fraud.
The bank Thursday said it has been advised that a number of customers continue to receive phone calls from parties impersonating the Bank of Maldives. Customers are often asked to provide their account or card information and are requested to transfer funds to another account due to system issues.
BML said the bank would not call customers and request for personal information and would not ask customers to transfer funds to another account in any circumstance. The Bank will never contact customers from a mobile number, and will only contact customers via its official landlines.
The bank advised its customers to stay vigilant at all times and not respond to these calls, and instructed customers to avoid sharing personal or account details with anyone. Customers are requested to inform the bank if a customer has received a call from someone claiming to be BML or if card details may have been compromised.
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