Nasheed: Need to strengthen efforts to stop extremists

Speaker of Parliament and former President Mohamed Nasheed said that current efforts to stop extremists need further strengthening.
His comments were made after the attack on State Minister for Environment, Jumhoory Party’s Chief Spokesperson Ali Solih with a sharp weapon.
Condemning the attack via Twitter, Nasheed said that efforts to stop organized extremist attacks in Maldives need much more strengthening and trustworthiness.
“[I] condemn the dangerous attack on Jumhoory Party’s Chief Spokesperson Ali Solih.”
Ali Solih was attacked with a sharp-edged weapon on Monday afternoon from Hulhumale road.
A video from the scene on social media shows the assailant repeatedly trying to attack Ali Solih.
He had reportedly attempted to stab Solih on the back of his neck and slashed his left hand when he lifted his hand to protect himself.
Solih was taken to the hospital to treat the injuries.
Sun has been informed the suspect is the same man who barged into the Salman Mosque back in July wearing clothing with the logo of the terror organization Islamic State and disrupted Friday prayers. He was arrested by police and released the same day.
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