“Here’s some cash”: Kulhudhufushi islanders open charity box for MP Nasheed

Kulhudhufushi islanders have launched a charity fund box to help their elected MP Mohamed ‘Kutti’ Nasheed, an independent member of parliament, after he admitted it was his voice saying ”I need some cash” to Jumhooree Party (JP) leader Gasim ‘Buruma’ Ibrahim in a leaked audio clip.
Gasim is currently under house arrest while he is investigated by police for vote-buying and treason.
”We felt pity for our MP Mohamed Nasheed after hearing the leaked audio clip,” said Mohamed Naeem, a Kulhudhufushi islander who heads the group that opened the charity box.
”When he first asked Gasim about his financial condition, we thought that Nasheed was about to help Gasim. But then we heard he was running low financially himself and was in need of some cash.”
Naeem said the group of islanders did not wish their MP to be begging people for money, and had set up a charity box on the beach of the island for everyone to put money in to help Nasheed.
”We do not like the way he begged,” he added. “We heard him saying that he would send someone somewhere to pick up the money in case people might see.”
”We will keep the box open until 6:00pm on Saturday, and then we will open it and count the money,” Naeem said. ”Then we will hand all the money to Nasheed’s office, and if they refuse to deliver the money to him, we will send it to him directly.”
Many people on the island had already walked down the beach to the box and were putting money in it, Naeem said.
”We are not a NGO, not even anybody from the island office – we’re just normal islanders,” he added.
As an elected member of parliament, Nasheed receives Rf62,500 (US$4864) per month from the State.
Nasheed was not responding to calls at time of press.
Lets see, I catch a thief, stealing, so I should set up a fund for him?
With such stupid people in this country eligible to vote why do we bother?
We should just allow the Zaeem to rule over the stupids and leave this country.
Dr. Afrashim has to come out and say that God constructed Kutti in a way that he could not possibly commit corruption. I am sure whole nation and specially DRP will believe Afrashim.
Poor kutti...can't manage himself frm wht he gets.....how the f~~k he is going to stand up in majlis in a rite mind to thnk wht is best for the ppl..
Alrite alrite. it's unethical to release someones phone conversation. but WTF did Majlis Member mahlouf do. he recorded his conversation with TVM's Haleel and released it on VTV. why is that you 'the so called moral citizens' not condemn that. Mahlouf as an MP had violated Haleel's right of privacy. So are we to assume that Mr.Haleel does not have any such rights.
What a shame Kutti what a shame,,,,why didn't you sell your parrots. 62K monthly from Majlis and few thousands more from your legal support office and still you need some cash.
not only kutti got some cash from the maldivian charity king,95 percent maldivians and even the idiotic dictator anni got it for his presidential campaign so anni is a hooligan he is a rotten idiot
i wonder how many of the people who have commented have taken money from others....If all the letters gasin recieved with requests for financial aid, were to be revealed to the public, i wonder how that act would be viewed by our society.....i have no sympathy for corruption but I see what people in this country doing now is shameful.....even people who have begged gasim for money are singing the song a lot of you have so shamelessly sung here...whaere is unbiased and "nobel" media....
Hey Kutti!
Here is a golden chance to "EARN" some CASH.
Local furniture stores are looking for sales personnel's, so your no 2 skill ie: gondi vikkun can be put on good use on this Ramazan. Oh by the way they don't need your no 1 skill (begging) pls don't mention tht
* This opportunity is open for all gondi vikka MP's.
kulhudhuffushi people hate cash nasheed.he is a corrupted man.try to arrest him soon.
These DRP cuttlefish heads don't know what it means when one MP asks another MP for money. This another MP is a millionaire who wants to be President. He is donating money for his own interests. He even tried to unsuccessfully corrupt Anni, which resulted him to be thrown out of the cabinet. DRP cuttlefish heads are soo dummmmmm...disgusting simply disgusting.
Nasheed runs so many foreign companies under him receiving a salary of USD 1000 from each company per month. Never Enough...
MDP doesnt have less than under mining others, particularly in interms of leadership. since Dictator Nahseed is poor leadership and poor mind and ill theoretical thinking. Please give general public a break. you think you all are clear. why you all are so interest when Kutti asked borrowing his fellow colleagues. Even all of us on daily basis borrowing. Business borrow from banking. friends borrow from other friends. Been MPS donest they have this simple social process.
The people who commented in this " i need some cash" are fools in my view. Kutti nasheed asking for money to help islanders of kulhudhufushi. Gasim can give big amounts for that kind of purpose. Gasim is good person , and he give money those who need. He was about to give 50,000 to our jamiyya to build childrens park b4 he was arrested to police. MP Nasheed is our future president. Anni got support like that. this is kutti time. we will see....
on another related news, fortune-telling parakeet Meena Kutti in Malaysia predicts a Spanish win in today's world cup final match.
i think u are joking but Kutti himself told us several times that he needed cash to sell a "black pearl" sinking somewhere between Male' and Somalia. you go, captn jack!!!
don't know whats wrong with him borrowing cash from Gasim. Rako should be paying wages of his Employees at Heavy Load.
Piss piss piss.... Jus piss off u buggers & leave Kutti alone. Some thugs released an edited audio & all u war monger are at Kutti's neck...tsk tsk Hey wut's in asking money from Gasim? He's the only Maldivian who is giving giving & giving to everyone who asks him, then why not Kutti? Don't be sooooo biased! Why are you people all charged up? Is it because YOU didn't get a chance to ask Gasim for Money? hehehe...And Anni Plx plx stop this your soooo low lwvel & cheap stunts and try and do your duty for the bugger who appointed you to the Post...which ofcourse you dosn't deserve.
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