Nasheed hints he’ll leave MDP if referendum doesn’t happen

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)’s leader, former president Mohamed Nasheed hinted on Saturday he will not remain with the party in upcoming presidential elections, if a referendum on switching to a parliamentary system isn’t taken.
Speaking at the MDP congress on Saturday afternoon, Nasheed said he will not face the 2023 presidential elections unless its with the whole party.
“I repeat, I will not face the 2023 presidential elections with you unless its with the whole party,” he said.
Nasheed said MDP would not win the presidential elections if a referendum isn’t taken.
“I don’t see us winning the 2023 [presidential elections] if we remain as we are,” he said.
Nasheed said that he had seen “the table shattering” due to internal divisions within parties, but did not see that happening in MDP.
He said MDP would continue to rule Maldives if party members united and worked together.
“If we listen to each other, accept each other’s opinion, and carry forward wisely, it will be Maldivian Democratic Party that that makes decisions in Maldives for generations to come,” he said.
MDP is set to take a vote on a resolution submitted by Nasheed calling for a referendum to change the system of government in Maldives from presidential to parliamentary.
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