UK apologizes, will compensate former Tourism Minister Ali Waheed

The UK government has apologized to, and agreed to compensate former Minister of Tourism Ali Waheed for his arrest in the country earlier.
According to Ali Waheed's lawyers, the UK government has decided to compensate him with 20,000 Sterling Pounds (MVR 389,000).
After he faced sexual harassment allegations, the former Minister self-exiled himself to the UK. He was arrested by UK authorities in 2021, citing breaches to the country's Immigration Act. He was released later.
Though the minister flew to the UK for medical treatment, he did not return back to the Maldives for an extended duration which stalled his Criminal Court trial on the sexual harassment charges.
After the case was dismissed from the court, the Maldives government later withdraw its charges against the minister citing unwillingness of witnesses to proceed with it.
The minister returned to the Maldives earlier in 2023 after the State dropped its charges against him.
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