JSC dismisses Jameel as Legal Counsel of Judge Adam Mohamed

The committee formed by Judicial Service Commission (JSC) to investigate the disciplinary case filed against Supreme Court Judge Adam Mohamed has dismissed his legal counsel, former Vice President Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed.
The decision was announced by Vice President of JSC Masthoor Husnee during the first session of the investigation which was broadcast live on television. The session, opened for the public and the media, began an hour late.
During the session, Masthoor revealed Adam Mohamed is currently presiding over a case submitted by Jameel to the Supreme Court. Therefore, Masthoor said the committee believes the appointment of Jameel as a legal counsel is not acceptable as it conflicts the interest of both the defendant and his legal counsel, even though Adam Mohamed had now withdrawn himself from the case.
However, Masthoor said the committee believes the appointment of Jameel was a deliberate act and a case of disciplinary issue which would be separately investigated.
Judge Adam Mohamed was asked to attend another session the following day with a different legal representation. The decision was met with disagreement and protest from both Judge Adam Mohamed and Jameel.
The investigative committee overseeing the disciplinary case filed against Judge Adam Mohamed includes Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath, Parliament Representative Hisaan Hussain, Legal Profession Representative Abdul Maaniu Hussain and President of Civil Service Commission (CSC) Dr Ali Shameem, in addition to Masthoor Husnee, the chair of the committee.
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