President Nasheed’s Phone Snatched in UK

Parliament Speaker & Former President Mohamed Nasheed has reportedly been robbed and his phone snatched while having lunch in a restaurant in UK.
Few days back President Nasheed announced that he was in possession of scandalous photos of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih having sex with a girl. Nasheed’s allegations came after his brother Nazim Sattar was arrested by police on same sex relations charges.
According to deputy speaker Eva Abdulla, Nasheed was having lunch with his family on Wednesday when a man came and snatched his phone. Nasheed’s phone number has been removed from the Parliament’s WhatsApp group after Eva alerted the Parliament of the incident.
Eva said Nasheed’s daughter had advised everyone to block Nasheed’s number.
Speculators says that Presidents Nasheed’s phone was stolen to destroy the evidence he had regarding President Solih’s extramarital affair.
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