Bar Council to hold first AGM on Friday

The newly formed Bar Council will be holding their first Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Friday.
A tweet published by the council said their AGM will be held at Ghiyasuddin International School on Friday night, and invited all lawyers to the ceremony.
The council's annual report and the audit report will be approved at the sitting. Members of the council will speak on the work being done by the council. The President of the council, Maumoon Hameed will also speak at the event.
The Bar Council, created under the Legal Profession Act, has regulatory power over the work of legal professionals. Issuing licenses and penalization also falls within the mandate of the Bar Council, among other responsibilities. Six attorneys are on the Bar Council in addition to the Council's President, Vice President and the Attorney General. All members with the exception of the Attorney General are elected by a vote among lawyers.
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