Ministry of Language, History, and Culture to be established; Adam Naseer as minister

The incoming government of President-elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has decided to establish a Ministry of Language, History, and Culture.
Dr. Muizzu's government, set to assume office on Friday, November 17, aims to launch a significant national initiative under this ministry to revive nationalism. Adam Naseer is said to be appointed as the minister of the agency, although neither he nor the new administration has officially confirmed this.
Adam Naseer, a renowned poet and proficient speaker, is actively engaged in various activities aimed at promoting nationalism.
During the presidential election campaign, Dr. Muizzu consistently expressed concerns about the potential loss of the Dhivehi language and Islamic subjects in the Maldives under the current arrangements in the country. He emphasized the need for a unified nationalistic mindset among the people, pledging to prioritize Dhivehi language and strive to nurture a generation that loves the country.
In an interview with state media PSM, commemorating the Republic Day of Maldives, Dr. Muizzu said that his government would consist of 22 ministries, including two to three new ones.
As promised during the campaign, he reiterated that competent individuals, capable of independent decision-making, would hold key positions in the cabinet, state-run companies, and other senior government roles. Dr. Muizzu said that his team would comprise of individuals with the education and capability to deliver results that resonate with the public.
While Dr. Muizzu said that approximately 90 percent of the circulating list of cabinet ministers on social media is accurate, he added that there might still be minor changes.
Names on the list circulating on social media include;
- Ali Ihusaan as Home Minister
- Dr. Ali Shaheem Ali Saeed as Islamic Minister
- Dr. Ismail Shafeeu as Education Minister
- Dr. Abdulla Khaleel as Health Minister
- Dr. Abdulla Rafiu as Sports Minister
- Dr. Abdullah Muthalib as Infrastructure Minister
- Dr. Mohamed Shafeeq as Finance Minister
- Ibrahim Faisal as Tourism Minister
- Ibrahim Waheed (Asward) as Youth Minister
- Dr. Aishath Rameela as Agriculture Minister
- Mohamed Ameen (Captain Ameen) as Transport Minister
- Dr. Aishath Shiham as Gender Minister
- Dr. Ali Haidar as Housing Minister
- Ghassan Maumoon as Defense Minister
- Adam Shareef as Local Governance Minister
- Ahmed Usham as Attorney General
- Thoriq Ibrahim as Environment Minister
- Moosa Zameer as Foreign Minister
- Dr. Mariyam Mariya as Higher Education Minister
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