Fishing Race to be held in Utheemu to mark Fishermen’s Day

Opportunity has been opened to participate in a ‘Utheemu Rayyithunge Masrace’ a Fishing Race to be held in Ha. Utheemu to mark this year’s Fishermen’s Day.
All the institutes, clubs, NGOs, and residents of the island will have the opportunity to participate in the fishing race. Fishermen’s Day is celebrated every year in the country on December 10. The fishing race is scheduled to be held on December 10, 2022.
The Utheemu Council requests the teams who wish to participate in the fishing race to complete and submit the team registration form before December 5, 2022.
Moreover, according to the council, a team can have a maximum of 10 members and a team should have a minimum of 5 members. Moreover, teams can be formed with two genders, but cannot include under 18 years old. The fishing race is scheduled to begin at 1400 hrs and they have to return to Utheemu harbour between 1930 hrs to 2000 hrs on that day.
The winning team of the fishing race will receive MVR 2,000, the runner-up team will receive MVR1,500 and the third place team will receive MVR 1,000. In addition, MVR 500 will be awarded for the person who catches the heaviest fish.
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